Moe will spend weeks researching her subject matter fully. She will explore new products & techniques as well as gather pictures, materials & create prototypes. Hundreds of hours can be spent on hand embroidering (thread painting) an animal or insect under a magnifying glass, before the background can evolve & support the dimensional image. There can be as many as 15 steps in a process for creating a flower alone. Her attention to detail & patience is appreciated the more you look at a piece. You will discover the intricate weaving of a thread & bead to make a flower’s stamen, the almost invisible stitch of silk to express the glint of an animal’s eye or the delicately burned edge of the finest silks to trim a leaf or a flower’s calyx.

Moe’s stitchery requires both artistic & technical skills & depending on its scale, each new work can take anywhere from 2-6 months to create.

She is committed to honoring the ancient art of silk embroidery, blending threads & colors & other traditional needlework forms with a new vitality. Crafting fine art from fabric & thread, her spirit lies in the joy of creating an awareness of the skill of embroidery as an art form begging to be rediscovered.

Like other styles of art, Fine Art embroidery is a work of elegance & should be valued as a collector’s item.

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